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Mantua Blog

Our Mantua blog is all about SILK: latest trends and looks, care, storage, silk fabrics and inspirations. Enjoy!

  • Furoshiki - The Art of Wrapping

    Posted on November 23 2018

    Furoshiki (風呂敷) are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods and embrace the philosophy of eco-friendly living. It is a beautiful...

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  • The Story of the Silk Road

    Posted on November 08 2018

    The history of silk development spans through centuries and can be traced around the world’s very ancient trade route called the ‘Silk Road’. It began in China, passed through Tashkent,...

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  • Silk Rituals and Ceremonies

    Posted on November 05 2018

    Unlike other natural fibres such as cotton or wool, silk has penetrated deep into religious, social and cultural traditions of ancient China, Japan and India.Silk enriches religion, tradition and ritual....

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  • Getting to know Juandi Andrag

    Posted on October 11 2018

    As the 2018 Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair finished on Sunday with great succes, we thought you might like to learn a bit more about the person behind the Mantua brand: Here...

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  • Inspired by Art and Fashion

    Posted on October 02 2018

    By Juandi Andrag Mantua scarves are inspired by the collision of fashion and art.The feelings evoked by the movement of colour into form and shape and the stories told.  This...

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  • About Momme and Hems

    Posted on September 26 2018

    We want to let you in on a few silky secrets about our scarves, namely momme weight and hand rolled hems. Why is thread count not used when talking about...

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  • The iconic accessory

    Posted on September 19 2018

    Silk scarves are the most powerful, iconic accessories. If you think the only way to tie a scarf is by draping it around your neck, we are here to show...

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  • Caring for your silk scarf - and storing it correctly

    Posted on September 12 2018

    Silk is an investment. It’s a fabric that should be bought with a long-term relationship in mind. For example, a Mantua scarf is trans-seasonal and beyond quick trends. We believe...

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  • Know your Silk - a miniguide to silk fabrics

    Posted on September 11 2018

    At Mantua we use silk satin and silk twill for our scarves. Twill is a strong weave with an obvious weave pattern but still maintains a smooth texture that has...

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