Ideal to wear as a house robe at home, over jeans, over a linen ensemble or tied up with the belt as evening wear.

Contact us at to find out what we have in stock or to commission your robe according to your own colour preference. 

Mantua Silkwear honours the Japanese art of kimono-making as a specialised craft using the highest quality fabric at our disposal.  Kimonos became popular as everyday clothing around 1185-1333 in Japan and was layered and altered to suit occasion and season.  Kimonos were made from costly materials, were hand finished and passed down in families.  Kimonos reflected rank, formality and status, respect and gratitude.  The robes were knotted by obi belts at the back which also expressed design, style and colour.  Kimonos are always worn left over right.

By wearing a hand crafted Kimono you instil a sense of ceremony and ritual around you and can use it as a symbol to honour yourself and come back to your centre or honour others with your presence when you wear it to a special occasion.