Immerse yourself in a joyful emergence of kaleidoscopic colour.

Mantua Silkwear creates ceremonial day and night wear to celebrate the ritual of honouring the self in daily life.  Be it waking up, going to bed, brewing a cup of tea, cooking a meal, reading a book, growing a plant or celebrating yourself and those around you.

Our textiles are designed in-house and all items are hand finished and produced in small quantities which pays homage to their uniqueness and honours our craft.  All items are limited edition.  We use the highest quality silk and silk blended fabric, as we believe one should buy once and never again.  If cared for, silk can last a lifetime and is a renewable resource unaffected by fashion fads and trends.

Furthermore silk offers comfort and health benefits to the skin as it is spun from proteins which are hypo-allergenic, soft against skin, has a moisturising effect and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which make it ideal for sleep masks and pillowcases.  Silk is the ultimate luxury product and can easily be worn out for glamour or worn to bed for comfort. Ultimately it will become your go-to garments and accessories that will last forever.